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​​​​​​​Copyright Selterre.  All rights reserved.  Questions?  Send un an e-mail:  contact@selterre.org

Copyright Selterre.  Tous droits réservés.  Des questions?  Envoyez à nous un courriel : contact@selterre.org

Salt of the earth investments

Selterre.  Born 2014 at Toronto, Canada.  We are an investment company, building value through projects that promote innovation and produce a positive impact in our communities.

Our portfolio comprises investments both at home and abroad.  Via a series of subordinate entities, we create wealth by investing in private equity, public equity, real estate, and venture capital projects.

We believe the bottom line is best served by embracing change.  "That's just how things are done" is not a refrain you will hear at Selterre.

We're always keen to learn about any projects that align with our goals and values: