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Business Units.

Selterre is proud to include the following entities amongst its investment properties:

Freshii Liberty Village

WorkSolute aims to transform industries with high employee turnover, by being the first platform to provide one-stop solutions for hiring, scheduling, attendance, and payroll.

Compared to traditional job boards, WorkSolute sticks with employees as they move between being a job seeker and a team member.  This is our competitive edge, because we automatically gather data on the same employee's work history and performance over time.  WorkSolute filters this data and provides objective metrics to employers, which they use to hire reliable team members that fit their business.

​WorkSolute won first place in Ignite Capital's 2016 business competition.


Freshii provides fresh and nutritious meal choices that energize people on the go.  Think:  fiber-rich, slow-burning carbs, essential fats, and lean proteins.  The menu includes custom-made green wraps, salads, quinoa bowls, and fresh pressed juices. 

Freshii lives by their Mission Green.  Being good to the earth by eliminating traditional industry staples:  excess packaging, heavy energy consumption, and greasy processed meals.

Visit our store in Liberty Village, Toronto:

RealTerre is the newest addition to Selterre, bringing directly held real estate investments into our portfolio.  At this time, RealTerre's properties are Canadian residential developments.

RealTerre builds its portfolio through two core principles:  location and opportunity.

  • Location refers to properties with attractive valuations offering sustainable yields and positive long-term prospects.
  • Opportunity refers to situations where capital constraints or market conditions provide occasion to leverage the full potential of an asset.

SelterreEquity builds value through public equity investments that align with the Selterre ethos.  We believe that the pursuit of profit is best achieved through principled investing.  We employ research-intensive analytic processes to find businesses that possess sustainable long-term competitive advantages.

SelterreEquity holds a diverse range of public equity products.  In addition to direct investments in publicly-traded companies, our portfolio includes mutual funds, fixed income investments, exchange traded funds, and real estate investment trusts.

SelterreEquity targets companies, small and large, across the globe.